Shards: Putting the Pieces Together

What is "Shards: Putting the Pieces Together" ?

"Shards" is a one man show that I wrote. It is the story of my aliyah to Israel and my grandparents immigration from Europe to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century.

A Story of the Search for Home and Homeland

Through song, storytelling, and a bit of puppetry, you'll meet my grandparents and learn of their perilous journey from Russia to Ellis Island. 

Their stories are interwoven with my own stories of moving from Los Angeles to Jerusalem.

Our Shared Experiences

My stories are personal and poignant- but all the characters you meet will remind you of members of your own family. 

All of our stories are both personal and universal.

Shards: a preview

Shards: Putting the Pieces Together

From a performance in Los Angeles, July, 2017.

In this scene, I recall a recurring dream I had about my grandfather.

What people are saying about "Shards"

Yaeli Greenblatt, director, Starcatcher Productions (Jerusalem)

 A touching, beautiful and intimate performance delivered by the remarkably talented Evan Kent. Some stories can only be told with a voice like Evan's 

Cantor Audrey Halpern, Temple Beth David, NY


Evan is that rare combination of conservatory trained singer, spiritually inspired Cantor, and gifted storyteller. All at once he captivates, teaches and entertains like no other. Evan's creativity comes through in every word and every note. His authenticity is undeniable and his talent is enviable!

Rabbi Joel Oseran, World Union for Progressive Judaism

Made me think, laugh, and cry---a delightful show!

Marian Kent, my mother

I always knew my son was talented--but this is over the top. So many characters-songs-stories-those cute does he do it all? It's an amazing show that will take your breath away.

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Mary Ekler, music director, pianist, arranger

 Evan's show "Shards" is written straight from his heart. It's about his family, his-story, but it's not ABOUT him. It's about the love that connects all of us. You will laugh and be moved to tears as he so sweetly tells and sings a story that honors the courage to keep moving forward. "Shards" celebrates the strength it takes to break apart the things that are holding you back and then to travel as far as it takes to begin to put the pieces together anew to build a better life.

Rabbi Zoe Klein, Los Angeles

 “Shards” was amazing! A perfect evening. We were transported by music, story, theater and puppets, through the ages from Europe to America to Israel. Evan Kent brought characters to life so that we all felt intimately close, we could taste, see, feel and hear as if we were traveling through time. Evan wears his heart on the outside, and we are all swept up in its rhythm. There is so much love shared that we all felt like we were floating by the end. This show brought love to my heart, tears to my eyes and inspiration to my soul!  

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Cantor Patti Linsky

 Evan Kent is the consummate artist, gifted with profound wisdom, talent and the ability to touch the heart. With his ever-expanding repertoire as writer, storyteller, Cantor and above all, mensch, Evan is making an undeniable difference in our world with his gorgeous, textured performance of Shards. A must-see, must experience moment in time that will forever change you.